Domain Registration

These days, it is imperative for many people to register a domain name with a domain registration service. A domain name is like an identity that is unique for a person or business on the Internet. Domain registration services allow individuals to secure their own domain names. Anyone can use this process to purchase a domain name even if they do not use it right now. This allows them to obtain a name that they want to use shortly before other parties can use it.
To register a domain on the internet, most registrars require five important things.

  • Registrant Name – This contains the company or the person that the domain name belongs to.
  • Administrative Contact – The person responsible for making changes to the domain name, like altering the name of the registrant or confirming a transfer to another registrar.
  • Billing Information – Contains the name of the people responsible for paying the bills and fees that the domain accumulates.
  • Technical Head – The individual who can change DNS servers that are closely connected with the domain.
  • DNS Server Settings – This is where technicians specify the primary and secondary name server that the domain name would like to be associated with.

Additionally, domain registration services can streamline the registration process by not giving the option to give certain information. If this is preferred, individuals should carefully read the registrar’s registration terms and agreements. Some domain registration services place their customers as the Technical, Administrative, and Billing Contacts though they register themselves as the registrant. This results in the registrar technically owning the domain name instead of the corporation or person who has registered the domain.

Private Domain Registration Services

As of 2020, over 358,000,000 and counting domain names have been registered worldwide (Source). However, most of the domain names registered are public. This also means everyone who searches to see the owner’s personal data provided when registering the domain. This is possible when a person performs a WHOIS search on the domain.

This is not good because online scammers and spammers know about this, and they frequently search domain archives to get personal information. This is also the main reason why spam messages end up in e-mail accounts. Very few rules and regulations that protect personal data are available on the World Wide Web.

Private domain registration service is a worthy investment for anyone who runs a website either for work or play. The Internet has become a valuable information and marketing vehicle for people and businesses alike. However, this technology also opened an opportunity for unethical individuals.
Private domain registration services provide consumers the option to keep their sensitive and personal data private. This service utilizes its corporation’s data to register their client’s domain name. They may also create a company name to carry out registration for all available private domain names. This information is given so that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers can perform the WHOIS lookup procedure.
Everyone agrees that maintaining and protecting their privacy on the Internet is very important. Private domain registration services can protect their clients from the following.

  • Online identity theft
  • Junk mail
  • Cyberattacks
  • Telemarketing
  • Online fraud
  • Phishing scams
  • Internet scam and SPAM emails

Even though these are private companies, it is always helpful to always read their privacy policy, private domain registration procedure, and contracts. Consumers should talk to companies that offer private domain registration services to ensure that they will own their own domain names. This protection is priceless for people who use the Internet for business. For a small price, in addition to the name registration cost, a private domain registration service offers online users peace of mind and safety.

Public Domain Registration Services

This kind of service means that the client’s name, home address, mailing address, and other personal data can be seen with a WHOIS lookup. This is because the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers forces all registrars to have a publicly accessible database for every domain name registered that shows the owner’s contact information. Also, the domain must contain accurate information about its owners, or it will be deleted.

Additionally, the person who utilizes this service is very vulnerable to getting spam and junk mail. Online scammers can take advantage of a person’s personal information for their illegal activities. Finally, people who use this domain service are also more prone to online viruses and cyber attacks that could happen any time around the world.

Domain stealing or hijacking is also common for online domains that utilize public domain registration services. According to a report published by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, such crimes have steadily increased over the years. Domain hijacking has a far-reaching effect on businesses and consumers alike, so it is often important to stay up to date on the expiration of your domain.